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Normal service has resumed!

After all the excitement of the IMM, WCM has returned to normal activities with a monthly meet at the Bowood Summer Classic show.

A small contingent made their way to the stately home where we were placed right in the heart of the show, in front of the big house. Not only that but we were also awarded 2nd place in the 'Club of the Show' awards and our very own Mon Evans won 'Best in Class' for 90s vehicles. Well done, Mon!

Knowing that not everyone can make our weekend meets, we've added a couple of mid-week meets to the calendar. The most recent was at The Windmill Inn, Portished. It was great to see everyone - we'll have to keep these going through the rest of the year, it's a great excuse for pub dinner!

Following our recent trend of attending events/shows held at venues you wouldn't always think of, WCM took a spot at the Bus Show held at the Weston Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare.

With bus rides to the beach and a whole range of helicopters to look at, this wasn't your ordinary car meet! Thanks to Steve C for organising that one.

Talking of returning to normal activities - a breakfast meet. First one for a while, our next meet will be starting at 0930hrs (Saturday, 07/09) at The Masons Arms, Bristol. This is the last meet before the run to the Isle of Wight and Castle Combe, so if you need/want more information join us for food and facts.

There are also a few of us heading up for another visit to Caffeine and Machine after the meet, not strictly a WCM event but adding a few Minis to their car park can only make the place look better, right?

Not long now, it's less than two weeks until the WCM Isle Of Wight Adventure kicks off (14/09 & 15/09). There are still a few tickets available for the 11am crossing but the 10am crossing is full! There has been a few tickets changing hands as peoples plans change, so if you need to be on the earlier crossing, give us a shout, we might be able to help out.

Full is a bit of a theme as our humongous, 60 car pitch at Castle Combe Mini Action Day is also chockablock. Same deal though, if you want to join us give us a yell as we often have people drop out at the last minute and we'd hate to see anyone left out.

Don't forget that at any meet (or just by email/Facebook) you can order customer WCM merchandise. Now is a good time to get stocked up on Winter gear - hoodies, beanies, etc.. - all available with WCM branding.


WCM Monthly Meet - The Mason's Arms

First breakfast meet for a while, I hope they know what they're letting themselves in for. Be there for 0930hrs!

Bristol, BS35 3QJ



WCM IOW Adventure - Sandown Airport

WCMs very own event, join us for the day or the weekend.

Isle of Wight, PO36 0JP



Mini Action Day - Castle Combe Circuit

Our biggest attendance at one of our favourite events with our own track session too!

Chippenham, Wilts., SN14 7EY