Hello {{name}}!

Summer's almost here!

It's all starting to get rather busy, I don't know about you but it seems if we're not working on a Mini we're driving it to a meet - just how it should be.

We hope you enjoyed the visit to the IMM site in Bristol for the last meet. Thanks to everyone that came along and to the cafe for handling the group so efficiently (oh, and Andy for playing cashier). It's not long until the site will be filled to the brim with Minis from all over the UK and beyond but more about that later.

Our next meet is at an old favourite - The Rowdey Cow, Devizes. If you're joining us for breakfast on the 18th May remember to message us with your order before the 15th May. The Rowdey team need to make sure they have enough for us all so please take a look at the menu (you can find it here) and either drop us a message on Facebook or email info@westcountryminis.co.uk.

Looking a little further ahead, WCM will be returning to Castle Combe for the Summer Action Day on the 22nd June. Last year we won best overall club (I didn't see another club with their own tank!), it would be great to defend our title. If you'd like to join us you'll need to buy your ticket before 30th May. You can buy your ticket via this PayPal link or at any WCM meet/event.

WCM Catering Division were in action at Howard's Day, Castle Combe over the Bank Holiday in support of WCMs tame racing driver, Graham and Rory the race-spec R56 Mini. It was a successful first outing for both driver and car with a 7th place in class but most importantly both made it through in one piece. Many weren't so lucky due to the unseasonal heat taking its toll on the machinery and slippery conditions thanks to an earlier oil spill on the notorious Quarry Corner. You can see Graham & Rory in action again on the 6th May.

And now for the big announcement we promised last month.....we've all sold our cars and have taken up extreme spoon whittling! Sorry, I'm not sure where that came from. We're delighted to announce that because of our work with the IMM, for the Mini Action Day at Castle Combe later this year we'll have a WCM track session! Yes, a session just for us. It's not just a parade lap either, this is a full speed session so if you've always wanted to put your car through it's paces but have been put off by the antics of others this is your chance to give it a go while surrounded (but not too close) by friends.

That's not all though. Castle Combe are also providing our usual 40 car stand....for free. Yes, free entry to the show and a track session of our own, it's going to be a blast! There is a catch, though - priority will be given to those volunteering at the IMM. So give us a few hours of your time over the weekend and we'll give you an action day, sounds like a good deal to me!

WCM heard about a great new venue a couple of months back and just had to go - Caffeine & Machine. A true petrolhead retreat in the Warwickshire countryside. The 'Built not Bought' weekend was underway for our visit with some very interesting hardware on display. I think it's fair to say we're all looking forward to going back again.

Phew! It really has been busy recently. The Moonraker Run is a charity drive through Wiltshire in aid of The Hope Nature Centre. It's run by the Moles Mini Club with WCM tagging along to show our support. Starting at the Pheasant Pub in Chippenham for breakfast, the run takes in some of the best Wiltshire has to offer - country views, quaint villages and a man on a penny-farthing (there really was one, we aren't making that up). It's a great run, the smiles and waves from people as the long line of Minis pass through their village is truly happy motoring.

And finally! A couple of reminders. You can still buy your WCM IOW Adventure 2019 tickets from Red Funnel here and we'll have some merch announcements soon too.

For those that haven't yet bought your IMM tickets, the prices are due to go up at the end of May so don't leave it to much longer. It's hard to believe but we're already down to less than 100 days until the gates open and over 4000 tickets have been sold already.


WCM Monthly Meet - The Rowdey Cow

One of our favourite spots. Breakfast or maybe just an ice cream? We'll probably have both.

Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2LX



Extra WCM Meet - Caffeine & Machine

Not strictly a WCM meet but a few of us couldn't wait to go back again, so feel free to join us.

Banbury Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 7NS