Hello {{name}}!

It's flying by already, it seems like only yesterday we were putting the cars away for their winter hibernation!

Our next monthly meet is on the 16th March and is a run down to Weston-Super-Mare. I know, it will come as a shock, but this isn't based on food. While we're heading to a pub, The Full Quart, that serves food this one is about the journey.

If you'd like to come along on the run out, the starting point is Aspects Leisure, Longwell Green in the Lower Car Park at 1pm, departing at 1:30pm. We may have another start point over on the west of Bristol but we haven't got that one nailed down just yet.

We aim to get to The Full Quart at 2:30pm. You're more than welcome to make your own way there, we'll be pleased to see you all the same.

We've had some great weather recently but lets not forget that you're more likely to see snow at Easter than at Christmas. With that in mind, why not grab some of the latest winter WCM merch? We don't have much left and won't be ordering any more until next year so best be quick! If you'd like to know what we have in stock, drop us an email - info@westcountryminis.co.uk

Looking a little further forwards, we need your help!

On 12th May the BMC will be running their yearly event at Himley Hall. If you want to attend with WCM we need you to confirm and pay for your space, this can be done at the next monthly meet. If you want to go but can't make it to the meet please contact one of the admins of the Facebook group or email info@westcountryminis.co.uk with your details - we'll get it sorted out one way or another.

Seems like we've got plenty of time but it'll be here before you know it. The IMM team are still looking for as much help as possible so if you'd like to support the Bristol IMM and make it an example to the rest of the world, get in touch. They could do with some more marshals but if you think there's something else you can help with let us know.


WCM Monthly Meet - The Full Quart

Starting point at Longwell Green, this is a run that doesn't revolve around food. I bet it won't stop you though, will it!

Weston-Super-Mare, BS24 6RT