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First big show of the year? Done.

Last weekend saw WCM's first visit to Castle Combe in 2019 for the Spring Action Day. We kept it small this time with just a 10 car stand filled with a mix of modern and classic Minis, and of course WCM friend and tame race car, Rory, was on track for a pre-season shake down.

The show was absolutely huge, attendance boosted no doubt by the glorious weather. We'll be back at Castle Combe later in the year for more action days.

We've got a busy few weeks coming up. We added an extra April meet into the calendar partly because it was an excuse for another cooked breakfast but mostly because we were made aware that our Caffeine & Machine meet may have limited capacity. The venue has become so popular amongst the wider petrolhead community that they are having to tightly control who and how many people attend.

The extra meet will be at Easter Compton Farm Shop, Main Rd, Easter Compton, Bristol BS35 5RE. It's not a big cafe so we need to make sure they have enough food for everyone, if you're joining us for breakfast please take a look at the menu (available HERE ) and email your order to info@westcountryminis.co.uk . We'll need to know before Wednesday, 3rd April.

There was one other reason for the extra meet.....we've got a big announcement to make! Yes, this is a bit of a teaser but don't worry if you can't make it, we'll put everything on Facebook and in the next email so no one is left out. You'll really (really, really) want to know about this one!

Don't forget that we'll also have the full range of merch with us so you can get kitted out for the summer. If we don't have something in stock, let us know as we're happy to take custom orders.

As many of you know, WCM is heavily involved with the 2019 IMM (International Mini Meet). We know a few of you have already bought your tickets and many others are planning to soon. To those that have and those that are planning to - we have a favour to ask.

This IMM is going to be massive, thousands of tickets have already been sold to 36 different countries. With so many people attending we'll need some help keeping everything running smoothly - could you give us some of your time over the weekend=3F It may be to help with marshaling or assisting with some other activities/tasks. If it's just a couple of hours or a full day, any help is appreciated. To find out more, come and have a chat with us at the next meet or email info@westcountryminis.co.uk


Extra WCM Monthly Meet - Easter Compton Farm Shop

It's another breakfast meet! We do like a good breakfast. Join us, but remember to tell us you're coming along first.

Washinpool Farm, Bristol, BS35 5RE



WCM Monthly Meet - Caffeine & Machine

A new one for us but popular amongst other petrolheads and of course....they serve good food.

Banbury Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 7NS