West Country Minis

We’re just a bunch of Mini owners and fans that like to get together and have fun! Yes, we're a Mini Owners Club but we hope to be just that bit more.
Started in late 2005, WCM has grown strongly with active membership topping 50 and typically 30+ people attending our regular monthly meets.
Our members are spread right across the South West, from Taunton to Swindon and some even further afield. Altogether this makes us one of the biggest and busiest Mini owners clubs in the region.

We pride ourselves on our inclusiveness, we don't care if you drive a classic Mini or a newer BMW Mini, in fact quite a few of our members own both.
While many of the shows we go to may limit attendance to just the classics, you'll never be turned away from one of our meets no matter what you're driving.

Unlike many Mini clubs WCM do not charge a membership fee. To be formally 'in' all you need to do is put your contact details in our membership book which we take to every meet.
If we need to purchase something for everyone to use we'll usually ask for donations, just last year the members funded a new event shelter (which we're all thankful for, rain or shine).

To make the most from being part of WCM, come along to our organised meets and events. While the online and social media side of things helps us keep in touch we like to meet in person.
It is, however, entirely up to you - you're always assured a warm welcome regardless.

Our mission is to get out there and do stuff, not just the usual car shows but sometimes we attend events not normally thought of as a place for classic cars. The unique position of the Mini in our nations psyche allows us to think a little differently.
We get together on the second Saturday of every month and over the summer try to cram in at least one extra run or event each month. If you know of an event that might benefit from our tribe attending, let us know! We always need new ideas to keep things fresh, somewhere with good food is always a safe bet with this lot but we like a drive too, so don't worry about the distance.

We have a variety of merchandise available to buy online and at out meets/events, all of it not-for-profit - sticker packs, mugs, clothing and more.
Our great team of suppliers can produce custom and event-specific merch, keep an eye out for those or let us know if you're looking for something specific.

IOW Adventure

Another great trip to the island, IOW Adventure 2020 built on the success of previous years with great weather, great cars and an all-round great day (or weekend for those who stayed longer). WCM are already working hard on the plans for the 2021 Isle of Wight Adventure, keep your calendar clear for the 11th and 12th of September.

Any/all updates will be added to the IOW Adventures website - westcountryminis.co.uk/iow - we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Upcoming Events

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) & WCM

In the ever changing world we now find ourselves in, the WCM management team continues to monitor the situation regarding social gatherings. At the moment we still feel that, for the safety of our members, it is not yet time to restart out monthly meets.

There are a small number of events being organised for later in the year, including our own IOW Adventure. Keep checking back, we hope to have a plan for the rest of the year ready soon.

Past Events

Isle of Wight Adventure - 2018

WCM head to the IoW with some help from Red Funnel ferries.

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Day Out at SpamSpeed Motorsport

A visit to an old friend of WCM to get our engines in top condition.

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WCM Workshop Day - SU Carbs

Some of WCM's technical minds hosted a morning to help other members service/rebuild their SU carburettors.

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Isle of Wight Adventure - 2018

In 2017 Red Funnel put together an event to bring as many Minis as possible to the island helped by a great discount on the ferry crossing. A number of the WCM crew attended and had a great day out. When we heard that it wasn't going to be repeated in 2018 we set about making our own event. Red Funnel were happy to help again with another excellent discount and with thanks to Sandown Airport for providing a meeting space, over 80 Minis came to show off, win some prizes and find what the island has to offer!

Isle of Wight Adventure - 2018 Prize Winners

As well as a general raffle, WCM wanted to show our appreciation for the effort our members and attendees put into their cars. We think there may have been some shenanigans at play with one of our winners, what do you think?

Day Out at SpamSpeed Motorsport

WCM have been regulars at SpamSpeed for many years, but after a bit of a break it was time to get back and see how our motors were doing. Spam got the kettle on, we supplied the cake and chips, and the day was ready for horsepower!

Rob Doughty

1967 Riley Elf

998 A series, Stage 3 head, sw5 cam, twin hs2 carbs.

First run 47 bhp, after tune 51 bhp and 52 lbs/ft torque

Andy Clark

1977 Mini Clubman

B16 Honda VTEC

With the car almost too low for the rollers we still managed to get 141bhp at just 6500 rpm. The power just keeps on climbing with this one. Top bhp for the day

Lee Proudler

1996 Mini Cooper 35LE

Standard apart from K&N air filter element and maniflow cat back exhaust giving a very healthy 57 bhp and 70 lbs/ft torque. Probably the hardest this car has ever been driven!

Nick Woodward

1983 Mini 1275

Nick's Mini was running rich on arrival. It's a 1275 with twin 1.5" su carbs initialy produced 60 bhp but co was up at 9%! After changing needles the result was a much healthier 66bhp. More modifications to come with this one for even more power.

Tom Clee

1994 Mini 35LE

With a standard 1275 carb engine with Maniflow cat back exhaust, Tom's car was running too lean to get a full power run so just taken to 3800 RPM and showing 32bhp. After fitting a richer AAA needle, a near stock 48bhp and 75 lbs/ft torque were released

Steve Timbrell

1987 Mini 998

998cc with 12g940 cylinder head, MG camshaft and stage 1 kit.

Steve's Mini won the shiniest of the day. The power run revealed 47bhp and 52 lbs/ft torque. There's a lot more potential in this one.

Alan Jones

1980 Mini

Home built 1293cc with 286 camshaft, big valve head and HIF44 carb.

Initial run showed 68bhp, but the tweaking soon started and the power kept climbing to 84bhp once spam had worked his magic. Definitely the top A-series motor of the day, declared a 'goodun' by Spam himself.

Marc Hiltons

1979 Mini Clubman

Near standard 998cc A+ with stage 1 kit

Marc's lovely clubman won everyone over with its looks. The motor was already running well but a little magic released a few more bhp. Starting at 45 bhp and raising to 47bhp. However the HS4 carburettor was sticking so there is still more to come in future.


1969 Riley Elf

1380cc motor with an SW5 cam.

Ken's Elf has travelled all over Europe but still looks great. The 1380 motor has been built for sensible power and reliability. The rollers proved it was still nice and healthy, and put out an impressive 80 bhp and 80 lbs/ft torque

WCM Workshop - SU Carbs

This was the first in what we hope to be a series of workshop events where WCM members with specific technical knowledge help others work on their cars.

For this workshop we had a variety of SU carburettors brought in, everything from single HS and HIFs to sets of twins. All got a good clean, some shiney new parts and reassembled ready to run.

Kate's Mini also got small upgrade replacing a tired HS4 with a freshly rebuilt HIF38.

As well as WCM members, a thanks to Spam of SpamSpeed Motorsport who came along to lend a hand.


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